Recipes We Tried and Loved

chicken ramen

During this social distancing time, my family and I have been exploring new recipes more than ever now that we have the time to do so. Each night each of us takes a turn in the kitchen creating new meals. We have made it fun by turning dinner into a  Top Chef competition each week.

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Seven-Layer Cookie

Seven layer cookie

There are some things now that as an adult make me nostalgic for childhood. I love the way some foods have the ability to transport me of a special time and place in my life. I remember as a kid looking forward to this dessert made by a cousin and I’m so pleased to have found the recipe to share with you!

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The Best Iced Coffee

iced coffee

There is nothing more that I love than to start my day with a great cup of coffee. My sister-in-law recently introduced me to a new way to make the most delicious iced coffee at home. It is so simple and does not require a lot of time. 

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Need Something to Read… Look No Further

It goes without saying that reading is a huge part of my life! I enjoy the sense of peace it brings, new perspectives, and challenges that I create for myself. Over the last few years, I began to share more and more of the books that I’ve read. My love for reading inspired me to start a new IG page (@girlfromctreads) dedicated to creating a community that shares my same passion as well as a place where we can discuss books, authors, etc. 

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What I’ve Been Watching Lately

Now that most of us have a bit more time on our hands, it allows us an opportunity to catch up on shows/ movies that have been on our watch list. To say the least, I do not think I have ever watched as much tv in one setting than I have over the course of one week. 

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Life Lately

Amidst this unsettling time, there is so much to still be grateful for. I am grateful my family still has good health (*knock on wood), food on the table, work, entertainment, etc. but we continue to remember those who are affected by COVID-19 in different ways around the world.

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The Books I Read in 2019

This past year I read so many amazing books and explored different genres. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a few friends who also share an interest in reading which made it fun to discuss opinions on some of the books as well as share new recommendations!

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