Small Ways You Can Pay It Forward This Holiday Season

I feel like it goes without saying but kindness does go a long way. We can change the course of someone’s day by just doing one simple act. This holiday (but really every day) challenge yourself to brighten someone’s day whether it is a stranger, coworker, or family member. Small acts can be the most meaningful gifts.

  1. Promote small business to friends/ family/ socials.
  2. Hold the door.
  3. Let the person behind you check out first.
  4. Pay for the person behind you at the drive-thru.
  5. Pay a compliment.
  6. Donate towels and blankets to shelters.
  7. Offer to buy coffee for a coworker or employee.
  8. Tip extra well to service workers.
  9. Bake a sweet treat for a neighbor.
  10. Babysit for a friend.
  11. Donate money to a cause you care about.
  12. Say yes when someone asks for help.
  13. Remind a friend/ family/ significant other why you love and appreciate them.
  14. Offer to pet sit when a friend/ or family member needs it.
  15. Offer to do a task for a coworker.

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