January 2021 Favorites

This past month I enjoyed some really great products, read a great mystery book, and maintained some sort of organization with the use of my daily planner. I am sharing with you the items I enjoyed using or used the most this month. 

Moroccanoil Body Butter: I used this every night after my shower and I am in LOVE. I love the way it feels on my skin but also I really love the fragrance. I would get compliments on the fragrance after my shower. I wish I used it more conservatively to make it last longer. This is a product I will be purchasing again for myself and for future gifts. 

Sweater from Amazon: I also received this one as a gift from my Mom. She owns five of these sweaters and really loves them. I wrote a post all about it here.  I ordered a black one for work! 

Lap Desk: Blogging and doing homework is way more comfortable when I can do it in bed. This lap desk has memory foam so it sits comfortably on the lap. My favorite feature is the mouse deck so I can use a mouse with my computer. 

Miroco Milk Frother: My cappuccino game is forever changed. I used a handheld frother before, which works great, but this works even better. It comes down to the quality of foam, and this frother does not disappoint. 

2021 Planner: I cannot find the exact one I have but there are so many similar options available. This brand Papier allows you to customize planners or notebooks. I recently started following them on Instagram too. This will make for great gift ideas for friends or family. A daily planner is a necessity for me and I enjoy receiving a new one for Christmas every year.

Bose Wireless Speaker: Music feeds my soul. This mini Bose box was the best surprise (side note: I am sure my Dad is happy I am not stealing his anymore!!). I love to jam while in the shower, doing dishes, cleaning my room, etc. it is small but the quality of sound is amazing.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley: This was the first book I finished so far this year. It is a page-turner. I love how all the characters relate but they do not know it until the end.

Sungait Sunglasses: These sunglasses were gifted to me this month. They are affordable (under $20) and of good quality. They have quickly replaced my Ray-Bans and have become the glasses I choose to wear every day. I really like the classic round frame and they are a great dupe for Ray-Bans.

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