Fashionable Winter Boots

I used to always tell everyone how much I LOVE winter. For the most part, I would receive looks that say “girl you’re crazy.” During the summer in CT, the humidity would be unbearable and the thought of the fall and winter coming around would excite me. The reality is that I do enjoy the changing seasons and the evolving wardrobe and styles that come along with them, but I particularly enjoy the chunky and cozy layers, the boots, and accessories that come with winter fashion. 

My winter style is always very basic. I utilize the same formula of turtlenecks, jeans, and boots to achieve a work appropriate and comfortable winter outfit. During the colder months, I let my accessories be the center of attention, and in particular boots. Let me clarify… I am obsessed with boots! I own more boots than any other shoes and I am willing to invest more in a pair that is well-made and will work with my evolving style. 

Each winter I think about whether or not I should purchase the Marc Fisher Izzie boot. Once the cold weather arrives, it is the first boot to circulate through the blogosphere. So I was pleased when I saw that there were look-a-like options for a fraction of the cost. These have quickly become one of my favorite winter boots. They are comfortable and easily make a basic outfit a bit more interesting. 

A few other winter boots that I gravitate towards are my Penelope Chilvers Nelson Leather boot and Dr. Martens Jadon boot (see review here). 

I have rounded up some more boots that are perfect for any casual winter outfit. 

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