Splurge or Save: Suede Buckle Ankle Boot

Every year I splurge on one fashion item… mostly shoes. It has become my favorite tradition to pick out one special piece to add to my closet each year. To be honest I wasn’t even looking for this particular brand but I was interested in this type of boot. 

Last year I splurged on a pair of beautiful YSL boots. When it comes to shoes it is always love at first sight for me! But with some reason mixed in, it isn’t always an I have to have them moment but will these last forever and not go out of style? If those questions are a yes then it’s meant to be. 

The price tag is definitely hefty! My mission is not to always encourage or share expensive pieces on the blog, but I do believe there are a few things that are worth it. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair from Banana Republic that are extremely similar to the YSL Jodhpur boot that is under $200 (use code BRFAMILY to get 50% off purchase). It has a similar ankle buckle and a similar shape. This boot also comes in black and snakeskin as well. If I had known Banana Republic was going to come out with a similar boot, I would have waited (lol). If you’re in the market for a new boot, this one is really easy to style with straight-leg jeans and a sweater for the colder months. They are simple but add the luxe touch! 

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