Dr. Martens ‘Jadon’ Boot Review

I always wanted a pair of Dr. Martens. I love how cool and edgy they can make an outfit. Last winter, I caved in and purchased my first pair! Now that I’ve worn them for a while, I want to share with you my opinions on the boot and answer a few questions that I’ve received in person when I wear them.

There are now more styles of Dr. Martens than just the classic 1460 Leather Lace Up Boot that is more commonly worn. I decided to purchase the ‘Jadon’ Platform Boot because I wanted a boot that was different from anything I already own, and I knew that the platform gives the boot a unique look. 

I am a true size 9.5 but I sized down to a 9 for a better fit. Even though I sized down, I can still wear thick socks comfortably and still have room. 

How to Break them In

I will admit, they did hurt the first few times I wore them. They mostly rubbed when arching my foot to walk. I do recommend wearing thick socks and lacing them the way that will be most comfortable for you. The first time I wore them was to NYC and I will admit that may not have been the smartest idea but at least after that day they didn’t hurt as much and now they are extremely comfortable. 

Are They Worth It?

I know for a fact that these boots are hardly (if ever) on sale. They are a boot that will last you for years so, in terms of cost-per-wear, I do believe that they are worth the price tag. I honestly think that they are reasonably priced for the quality of the boot, the material is extremely durable. Now that the weather is changing, I find myself wearing these more and more. 

How Do You Style Them? 

Like any item you purchase, always stay try to your sense of style. If these boots are edgier than you prefer, then there may be another Dr. Martens style that will work for you! I do not define my style on a daily basis,  which means I typically mix items that I think look cool, put together, and work appropriate. I typically style mine with jeans and a sweater. I like to keep it simple, but they can be worn with dresses and a moto jacket or cozy wear. I find that they tend to pair nicely with a lot of different pieces.  

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