Jump Rope Workout

I remember jump roping as a kid was one of my favorite activities. In middle school, I learned how to double dutch which became one of my favorite activities to participate in during breaks. Now as an adult I have come back to it and realized that it honestly is a really good workout. It gets the whole body moving and heart racing. 

You can incorporate jump roping in intervals to your normal workout or you can do it on its own. I use both a weighted jump rope (pictured) and a speed rope to have an effective workout. 

I believe that the jump rope can be beneficial if you want to work on endurance, speed, agility, and coordination. It is a total body conditioning workout so it will provide definition, promote weight loss, or maintenance of body weight. 

The weighted jump rope is all about consistency and focuses on strengthening the upper extremities compared to the speed rope which is faster paced and a bit more challenging with coordination and footwork. 

I love how quick this workout can be! You do not need more than 15 minutes to get your whole body working. 

My jump rope routine: 

  1. 10 jumps (weighted rope)
  2. 30 fast jumps (speed rope)
  3. 15 jumps (weighted) 
  4. 35 fast jumps (speed rope)
  5. 20 jumps (weighted) 
  6. 40 fast jumps (speed rope)
  7. 25 jumps (weighted) 
  8. 50 fast jumps (speed rope)
  9. 10 jumps (weighted) 

It takes me about 5-7 min to complete one round. I may repeat this once or twice. I will say that if you are just starting, you need to tailor your workout to how much your body can endure! Feel free to tailor the interval numbers to cater to your body and gradually increase. 

*I use a 3 lbs sport rope

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