Some of My Favorite Moments at Home

I’ve been taking a lot of time to reflect on the little things that have brought me many moments of happiness. I enjoyed being able to slow down for a bit to really appreciate the privileges that I often take for granted. It is sometimes the simplest moments that bring you a sense of gratitude and content. Today, I share with you a few moments which have brought me pure joy over the last few months at home and still do to this day. 

Some of my petite pleasures:

  1. Baking… specifically cookies 🙂
  2. Going for walks with my boyfriend 
  3. Soaking up the sun in the yard (honestly, the best tan of my life)
  4. Family dinners every night
  5. Going for a drive around town, just to get out of the house
  6.  Eating Pad Thai
  7. Reading until I fall asleep
  8. Drinking the first cup of coffee in the morning (cappuccinos are my go-to)
  9. At-home spa nights
  10. Listening to my favorite music while doing the dishes
  11. Hanging out with the family by the fire pit
  12. Playing Cards Against Humanity (have you ever played with your Grandmother… LOL)
  13. Long chats with my best friend
  14. Creating content for the blog
  15. Listening to a podcast while applying makeup
  16. Jump roping 
  17. Spreading my bed first thing in the morning

What are some moments that bring you joy?

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