A New Way To Drink Matcha

Matcha lovers, please raise your hand 🙋. Since the trend of Dalgona coffee (whipped coffee) took off, I have been seeing so many different whipped drink variations on social media. 

My sister-in-law and I tested out a whipped matcha recipe that came out so delicious and refreshing. It is by far the best matcha drink I have ever had! There is something about the creamy matcha that is too good to resist and the even better part is how simple it is to make.  

I like to use Trader Joe’s matcha but any brand will work!

Since matcha does not have the same whipping ability as instant coffee, an agent that can easily whip is needed. I’ve seen different recipes using egg whites or heavy cream. Bella and I love the taste and consistency of the matcha when whipped with cream! 

This recipe serves 4 however,  you can alter the measurements depending on how much you want to make. If you make too much you can always store in the fridge to enjoy the next day. 


1 cup of heavy cream

1 tbsp matcha

Sugar or any sweetener (We usually do not add extra sweetener because the cream is already sweet)

Milk of choice 

First mix the cream, sweetener, and matcha together in a bowl. You may use a whisk or a hand mixer. Mix until the consistency becomes thick and creamy. Fill glass halfway with ice and milk of choice. Scoop the desired amount of matcha on top of milk. To garnish, sprinkle some matcha powder on top. Serve and enjoy!


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