Recipes We Tried and Loved: Part Two

The cooking challenge in my house has continued. Over the last few weeks, we’ve tried some more really delicious recipes that have continued to diversify our palates. Dinner is the most important time of the day for my family since it brings us all together at the end of the day to bond over good food. 

Sweet and Sour Chicken: This meal was a hit! From the crispy chicken to the tangy sauce, we could not believe how easy it was to make one of our favorite take out meals.

Notes: Some adjustments were made to the recipe such as adding some pineapple juice to the sauce, adding pineapple chunks, sweet pepper, and onion.

Thai Basil Chicken Bowls: I am a lover of Thai food so I knew I needed to make this recipe. This is the type of meal that you can whip up really quickly that will not fail to be tasty as well as great for meal prepping. I served this over coconut jasmine rice. 

Notes: I did not add fish sauce or the unseasoned rice vinegar. At the time I didn’t have these ingredients. I also replaced the Thai chili pepper with chili pepper flakes. 

Beef Chow: Beef stir fry and noodles…say less. This dish had me going back for seconds and thirds. 

Notes: egg noodles were substituted for rice noodles. 

Cajun Chicken Pasta: This dish was savory, zesty, creamy! Everything that I love about a pasta dish. 

Notes: We did not have cajun seasoning so we made one! It is really simple and you probably have all the seasoning in your kitchen. 

Mongolian Beef: This beef was so delicious and full of flavor! I really love a savory dish and this one hits the spot. The flavor from the sauce paired perfectly with the coconut jasmine rice that I prepared with it.

Notes: I used diced stew beef instead of the called for flank. I ended up having to put the beef into a pressure cooker in order to tenderize it otherwise it would have been hard and unedible. Next time I will try with the flank steak! I also think this dish would pair nicely with broccoli or green beans. 

Coconut Macaroons: I used a recipe from Ina Garten’s recipe book! These are actually quite simple to make. 

Notes: one bag of shredded coconut is typically 14 oz… 

Apple Blondies: This is my family’s favorite dessert that I bake. I have been baking this for over a year and it never fails. I have made this more and more during the course of the last few weeks because it comes highly requested! It is a really simple dessert that you can make if you have a few leftover apples.

More recipes to try here!  

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