Embracing My Curls

These last couple of months have allowed me to let my curls come out to play. I decided to take this time to limit heat usage on my hair and focus on finding the best conditioning and curl holding products.

I have learned to become more patient with embracing my natural curls. I straighten my hair very often resulting in an uneven curl pattern. As I transitioned to natural curls, my hair was not holding product the way I wanted it to, leaving my hair frizzy, wild, and dry. Now that it has been roughly two months of dedicated hair routine and product trial, I LOVE the way my hair looks and feels. The curls are becoming more defined and bouncy as time goes by.

With this, I have had a boost of confidence to wear it out and not be as conscious about what I look like. 

Curly hair takes a lot of effort to maintain. It can only be styled while wet in order for the products to be absorbed into the hair and work effectively. For day to day wash, I use Dove Shampoo and Conditioner. I have found this brand to work really well for my hair. I have been using this line for over six years and have not changed. I typically like to use the Wet Brush to detangle while in the shower with conditioner. 

After wash, I apply a bit of conditioner so my hair can regain some moisture and then apply Palmer’s leave-in conditioner. I then braid my hair and let my hair absorb these products during the night. 

In the morning I will wet my hair again without completely rinsing out all of the conditioning products. To style my hair for the day I apply another generous amount of conditioner and Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls cream and scrunch the hair allowing for bouncy curls to form! I typically let my hair air dry but a diffuser works perfectly to dry hair faster with minimum frizz from heat.

For as long as I could remember, figuring out how to wear and embrace my natural curls posed as a problem. As a kid, my hair was constantly relaxed, and eventually, I did the Keratin treatment twice. I was embarrassed by how wild and big my hair would get. I am glad I am taking this time to fall in love with my natural hair again. 

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