Bestie Talk: This Is How We Became Friends

A few weeks ago I introduced the new series Bestie Talk to you! Today Mara and I are sharing a bit more about our friendship from our first encounter, to how our friendship has developed. 

If you want to get to know Mara a bit more read our first post here!

Jada: It was the first week into the spring semester of Sophomore year when I met my best friend Mara. I was really early to Chemistry Lab, patiently waiting outside of the classroom before the Professor arrived. I noticed Mara headed in my direction and stopping in front of the same classroom. I was thinking, “cool, I am not the only early one.” I had a sudden moment of recognition as I realized Mara was in my Anatomy lecture and lab. So I decided to make small talk… not realizing that she had her headphones in. If I did notice, (seriously can’t remember this detail) I still decided to talk to her anyway not caring if I were disrupting her jam session. 

In an instant, I realized that she wasn’t expecting me to talk to her (especially with headphones in… like who does that?) or that I would even recognize her from previous lectures. So I said, “I think we are in some of the same classes this semester.” 

I was pleased that my awkwardness hadn’t scared her away from becoming my lab partner. Later that week Mara sent me a message to ask if I was interested in meeting at the library so we could work on the lab report together.

From that day, our friendship skyrocketed. I remember us having a grand time laughing as we shared funny stories and shared how our college experience was going so far (no worries, we were in a group study room so we didn’t disturb others :)). The time we shared that day was a pivotal moment for my college experience because it instantly became one thousand times better. What surprised me the most was to find out how similar we are in values, mannerisms, humor, and the fact that our birthdays are only a day apart.  

After that library session, it was as if we morphed into siamese twins. Essentially becoming a package deal. I always wondered if I would meet the “best friend that I’ll have for the rest of my life”, the one I was promised to find. I am so thankful for our friendship and sisterhood, it truly makes life so much better.  

Mara: Jada told that story perfectly. It all happened so quickly and naturally, I couldn’t believe it. I also remember at the time, I was vice president for our school’s student health organization, which Jada was also a member. We also bonded over this during the chemistry lab. What was also crazy was the fact that we lived in neighboring buildings from each other. It began to feel like we were destined to meet and become friends because there were so many points in our lives where our paths crossed. I was thrilled because like Jada had mentioned, I felt that we could relate to each other so well and understand each other’s perspectives because we had either gone through the same thing or in general, we’re able to place ourselves in each other’s shoes.

I’m not sure if many people can also relate, but when I feel a connection through the soul, I am drawn to that person and can often spend an immeasurable amount of time with the person without becoming bothered by her/him. This was the case of Jada for me. I was happy to find this was reciprocated by her as we always asked each other to sit together in shared classes, to meet during our breaks between classes, to share meals with each other in the cafeteria or on the quad, and even go to the bathroom together and walk each other to class if we had time. People became aware of our pairing and would often ask where our other half was if we weren’t together. Some people even thought that we were biological sisters! I always thought that was so funny because we don’t really look very similar, but I guess if you spend that much time with someone, people can begin to see similarities. Besides, my brother and I don’t even look very similar either but we’re biologically related–that’s beside the point. We became a dynamic duo on campus. Name a better duo, we’ll wait *hair flip*

From there, we both eventually met each other’s families when they came to campus. I have to say I was a bit nervous meeting Jada’s family because I wasn’t sure how laid back they were, and I wanted to make a good first impression. We got along pretty well and I think they were just as excited to meet me as much as I was to meet them. After all, I was their family photographer on Parent’s and Family Weekend when they visited to see Jada and her brother. I was slightly shocked to see how well my parents got on with Jada when they met her because my parents are very private people. However, after a couple minutes of conversation, Jada broke through their shell and my parents wouldn’t stop talking! We eased into each other’s family lives like butter.

It’s also a bit funny that as we take this trip down memory lane, we talk as if we were meeting our S.O., but I think sometimes we don’t emphasize how important that one person or a handful of people who make an impression on your life. To allow someone to be fully involved with and immersed in your life that they know all your quirks, peeves, and attitudes without judgment is something pretty big. Even after graduation where we don’t get to see each other every day like we used to, we still make time to touch base with each other every day. And any time I need a second opinion, I know I can go to Jada and ask her for her open and *honest* input. For me, to find a connection like this happens only a couple times in a lifetime. Once you hit the jackpot with a friend like this, it would be foolish to let that slip away.

There’s so much more that we could share about our friendship, but I’m sure those stories will slowly unfold as we continue Bestie Talk. If you don’t already talk to your best friend or someone near and dear to your heart every day, shoot them a message to say hi and check in with them. Let them know how much they mean to you, and if you have time, spend a little time reminiscing on the good memories you share together. In times like these, the moments we take to share gratitude can mean the world and make a difference in how we move forward in whatever we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this story, and we can’t wait to share another!


Jada and Mara

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