Thank You, Auntie Susan & All Healthcare Workers

Today, I want to dedicate this post to my Aunt Susan G., RN and all healthcare workers. Their important work should never be taken for granted and they deserve all of the praise. 

We all watch the news or gather information through the many media streams, so we should know how overwhelmed, over-worked, and undersupplied our hospitals and medical facilities are. Our healthcare workers are at the front lines of this virus, working tirelessly to save lives while risking their health for us.

My Aunt works as an RN, and I know that every day she leaves her family to take care of patients. So, Auntie Susan, this post is for you! THANK YOU so much for the incredible work that you do, I am extremely humbled by your actions. I am praying for your strength and health during this time. Just know that I am constantly thinking of you and I love you!

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