My Most Used Tools For Blogging

I have been running this blog for five years! It is hard to believe some days because it feels like yesterday when I was a college freshman blogging from my dorm and taking pics around campus with the help of friends. Over the last few years, I have been able to utilize a multitude of tools that have aided in content building and organization for my blog.

For a majority of images, I use my iPhone which makes it easy to edit and I do not have to worry about carrying around a heavier and more expensive device. Depending on what I am shooting, I will use a Nikon D7100 or my Sony a5000 which is better for video content. 

Pic Monkey: This is a yearly subscription service that I use to create images for promoting my blog posts. It is really easy to use to create fun images for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Outside of blogging, I’ve used this to create images for my senior project when I was in college and then used those images in iMovie to create a video. It has definitely been handy. 

Vsco: One of the easiest and most used free editing tool out there. It is my favorite app to edit all of my images with. I have four filters that are my favorite that I rotate depending on what the image is. 

Snapseed: Another free editing app that I mostly use now to remove any slight imperfections. This is also a great tool to edit if photo lighting is off or needs more definition. I often will use this app to edit and then Vsco to add the filter I like. 

Story Luxe: Free app I typically use to create Instagram story images. It also use this app for photos on the blog or Instagram post. It just adds something fun to your pics without too much thought. 

Unfold: I used this app specifically for creating promotion images of current blog post for Instagram story.

Google Docs: Google docs saves my life when it comes to running the blog. It is the tool that I use to list what content I want to post. It is the tool I use when collaborating with others. It is just the easiest way I manage my blog on day-to-day basis. 

Grammarly: Editing my blog post has never been easier. I use this during and after writing a post to be sure that there are no mistyped words and that my grammar is proper before hitting the publish button. 

Pinterest: One of my all-time favorite search engines. Honestly, if I am looking for inspiration whether it is for fashion, recipes, makeup looks or even blog how-to’s there are so many resources available at a click. 


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