Bestie Talk: Introducing Mara

I am really stoked to introduce to you a new series that will be featured on the blog! I wanted to create something new for you that will keep you entertained but also get you thinking. Bestie Talk was inspired by the conversations that Mara and I would have. Our conversations are always fun and random but also can hit topics of vulnerability. With this, we hope you will want to join in our conversations too!

Today I am introducing you to my best friend Mara! We have been inseparable friends since the day we met and that is something we both cherish and we are both grateful for.

Hi everyone!

My name is Mara and I am proudly Jada’s closest friend. We met in our undergraduate program during our sophomore year at Quinnipiac University. I like to reminisce on the first encounter we had with each other because it was completely unexpected and I couldn’t have predicted how close Jada and I would become in such a short period of time, or realized I found my person; the friend I would cherish for a lifetime. However before that, a brief introduction to who I am and what these series of posts will unravel.

I am currently finishing up my Master of Public Health at the Boston University School of Public Health in epidemiology and biostatistics of infectious diseases (super fun and cool, and extremely relevant in the current climate of the pandemic). I have always been oriented in the field of natural and life sciences for as long as I could remember, however, I was also enthralled by the fashion and beauty industry growing up as well. I like to describe myself as a pretty laid back person but I can also have perfectionist qualities in the things I find important. Similar to Jada, I enjoy having me-time but can also pack a punch of energy and be exceptionally social in the right setting with the right people. I am stoked to be featured in these talks on Jada’s blog because I think it’s incredible that she has created this platform to share her ideas, creativity, style, and lessons with anyone and everyone who reads this blog.

Jada came to me with this idea of Bestie Talk as a way for us to work together to provide something a little different from her usual content. And let’s be honest, the features she’s been doing on her blog are lit. With Besties Talk, we wanted to incorporate you all in the conversations that we have together one on one because, like many girlfriends, our FaceTime sessions include an array of topics including love and romance, embarrassing moments, venting about something(s) that peeved us, goals we have, etc. With this time staying indoors, it is a time to relax and slow down, but it’s also a time to tap into our creative and productive energies. So, we hope we’ll cover some topics that are interesting for you to follow along, and we also hope that you will also take a bit of time to write down some of your own thoughts and experiences to either share with us and this community, or just to keep for yourself as a reflection.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and look for our first Bestie Talk coming soon!

xoxo, Mara

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