Need Something to Read… Look No Further

It goes without saying that reading is a huge part of my life! I enjoy the sense of peace it brings, new perspectives, and challenges that I create for myself. Over the last few years, I began to share more and more of the books that I’ve read. My love for reading inspired me to start a new IG page (@girlfromctreads) dedicated to creating a community that shares my same passion as well as a place where we can discuss books, authors, etc.ย 

Below I’ve rounded up two links that in total include about forty books! They are all books that I have enjoyed reading in different genres. Check out the list and I hope you’ll find something new to read. If you need a little inspiration to get back into the habit of reading, I wrote a post with simple steps you can take to get back into the habit of reading!

The Books I Read in 2018

The Book I Read in 2019

Happy Reading!!


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