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It has been while since I shared a roundup of items that I have been loving. This list is a bit random with some beauty, a podcast, and some items that have been keeping me cozy now that it is a bit colder. 


My mom and my best friend will tell you that I do not enjoy getting my nails done. I have NO IDEA why, but it’s not my favorite way to pamper myself. For the longest time, I would just paint them myself once a week until I stopped because I did not make enough time to do that.

Well, recently I was in Target and decided to try out an Essie Gel Polish. I was sure to pick a sheer pink color that will be timeless and one that I would not become tired of. Needless to say, I do love it. It does give off a professional finish and last longer than regular polish. The application was easy and my nails dried quickly (a huge plus).

* Shade Gossamer Garments and Topcoat


I pretty much live in my robe from October to April. It is a staple for around the house during the colder months. I think that a robe always makes for a great gift (perfect for Christmas).


I hardly walk around my house barefoot anymore since I have these moccasins. They have a rubber sole so they can be worn outside but I choose to strictly wear them for the house. They provide the ultimate comfort and warmth. The quality good so you will be keeping these for years. I also think these would make for a good gift too.


As much as I love going to Starbucks or coffee shops, I love to make my cappaccinos at home! It is such a good investment to purchase an espresso maker and brew your coffee at home (for years) rather than spending the $20 a week. I am all about finding ways to save a few dollars and this habit is one that adds up quick.

I’ve tried a few different espresso blends and my favorite one currently is the Lavazza medium roast. Another great option is the dark roast by Illy. It is the best!


Swiss-miss whoo? Once I got my hands on this hot cocoa mix I didn’t look back. I make it with milk for a richer flavor.

*Also it is not super sweet. 


One really horrible habit I have is bitting my lips. In turn, my lips are always looking rough and peeling. It took me a while to purchase this product because I could just go to the drugstore and buy vaseline for a fifth of the price. However, I actually do like it and my lips have been looking a lot better since using. I purchased the vanilla mask.


I was never such a skincare fanatic until I was in college. I am so happy that I realized the importance of taking care of my skin while young. I am all about hydration and this toner is just the one for that! As the weather changes, the cold drys out the skin so badly. I’ve been incorporating this into my nighttime routine so my skin looks fresh for in the morning.


I enjoy listening to podcasts while getting ready in the morning. Business has always been a topic that interests me especially coming from an entrepreneurial family. Learning how to better myself at work and my website is something that I aim to achieve every day. What I love about Marie Forleo is that she covers diverse topics that are not only business-related but about life in general. She offers great advice and resources on her site too.

She also just released a book that I cannot wait to get my hands on to read.

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Essie Gel Polish #49 Gossamer Garments // Gel Top Coat #00 // Robe, more affordable option here // Moccasins // Espresso // Starbucks Hot Cocoa // Lip Mask // Toner 

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