10 Things To Do During October

Happy October! I love this month for various reasons. There is so much beauty around as the season changes and there are so many fun festivities and traditions that begin to take place. 

I know there seem to be endless fun things that you can do during this season, but I wanted to list out a few ideas of things that you can do with your friends, family, or even solo. 

  1. Clean and transition your closet
  2. Work at a coffee shop
  3. Make an apple crisp (found a great recipe here)
  4. Host a movie night 
  5. Read a classic novel (My goal is to read The Handmaid’s Tale)
  6. Discover a new restaurant
  7. Make a chai latte from scratch (found a great recipe here)
  8. Get some fresh air by going on a walk or a hike
  9. Create a new playlist and discover new artists 
  10. Set intentions for the rest of 2019 (list what you’ve accomplished for the year so far and what you want/ need to accomplish during the remaining months. i.e. finish paying off debt, finish a manuscript, master a particular dish, minimize tv intake, listen to more podcasts, etc.)

What are some things you plan to do this month? 

October to do

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  1. I love all of your ideas for October! I made an apple crisp over the weekend and it was delicious!
    Xo, Kelsey

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