Easy Ways to Incorporate SPF Into Your Daily Routine

It can be so easy to forget the most essential part of skin care is not only moisturizing but also making sure that we are protecting our skin from sun damage. 

We typically only remember to use SPF on beach days or longer days in the sun, but the truth is we should really be using SPF every day, and especially on our face. Sunscreen plays a huge role in anti-aging and since the skin on the face is very thin and sensitive it is often very susceptible to wrinkles.

When it comes to finding the right SPF, there are a few key factors that I consider:

  1. What am I doing that day- errands, beach, hiking, etc. 
  2. Will I be wearing makeup and for how long
  3. Will it work with my skin type

There are so many makeup products out there that have SPF in their formula that it is so easy to get the protection you need without wearing a cream. 

Here are ways you can incorporate SPF into your routine:

  1. Start by using an SPF facial cream- they are often lightweight and can be worn under makeup.
  2. Use a BB cream or CC cream that has SPF already in its formula- it’s a no brainer way to enure you’re protecting your skin. 
  3. If you do not wear foundation try a mineral powder with SPF. 
  4. Use a setting spray with SPF. 
  5. Replace every day body moisterizer with one that will hydrate your skin and protect it at the same time. 

Here are some recommendations by The Girl From CT readers: 

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