The Best Advice I’ve Received

Let’s talk about advice. If you look up the definition in the dictionary, it will resemble something of it being a recommendation or some sort of guidance received from someone whom you trust to be knowledgeable. We typically seek advice from family, friends, mentors, pastors, or self-help books, etc. Some advice can be unsolicited, or some can even be sought after as a confirmation of an idea that you may have whether it is personal or business. 

As much as I am sure I have received bad advice, I have received plenty more good. There are two words of wisdom that I was told towards the end of an internship I did during one summer. His advice to me was to “Master” and to “Not settle.” His reasoning behind both was astounding and left a huge impact on me, that to this day I always remember. That to me is how I know I was given good advice. I want to share this with you because it has had a profound impact on how I view work and moving forward in many decisions. 


This means to literally work hard to become skilled in whatever you do. Whether you are learning to play the piano, just starting at a new job, becoming proficient in a new language… master it! You can never work too hard to strive and accomplish any goals. This to me is so powerful and important for self-worth, motivation, and overall happiness. This means that you have to be resilient and ready to work in order to drive results. By mastering whatever you do, it can distinguish you from the crowd of those who can already do the same thing as you. 


There is a difference between not settling… ever, and not settling for less than what you are worth. This goes for work- being compensated fairly, this goes for relationships- be with someone who treats you like a queen, and this goes for health- making the right choices.

To not settle is to not be comfortable with staying stagnant.

Do not settle for a job just because it covers the basics even though it’s not what you WANT to be doing. Do not settle for a relationship if you are not happy in it because it feels safe. Once we get comfortable it is as if we have plateaued. We should always be on a learning curve that can help us grow as individuals. When you know what you want, be fearless to get it. Simply, do not settle for what you believe is below your standards. 


  1. Be result oriented. 
  2. Master whatever you do.
  3. Know your worth.
  4.  Be proactive for growth.
  5. Do it for you!



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