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I am so grateful that this winter has not been as bitterly cold as it was last year. When I think about it, I don’t even know how I survived those single digit days last year. No matter the temperature, winter is still winter with the dry air and the even dryer skin. 

I have been obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated and looking healthy and plump! I have tested a few moisturizing products and now know which ones I love to use during the day and night. Most of the products I use at night because I believe that it is essential to use products that will help to regenerate skin cells allowing the promotion of plump and hydrated skin. Preparing your skin at night is the easiest way to wake up satisfied once you see moisturized skin. 


For the longest time, the Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Treatment was my holy grail eye cream. It is not that it is no longer my favorite, but rather I wanted to try a new product. What I love about the revitalift eye cream is that it has a cooling applicator tip to de-puff around the eyes. I noticed that some fines lines around my eyes started to shrink as well as my eyes looked brighter. This is a product I will continue to purchase! Its price is roughly under $20 which is still relatively affordable for an eye cream. 


This Olay cream is my go-to daily moisturizer. I love it because it gives my skin the hydration it needs for the day along with SPF. This is the brand that my great-grandmother swore by and my Mom too, so I trust it! I wear it under my makeup every day because it creates a perfect non-oily base. 


This is my favorite skincare product! I have been mixing it every day with the Olay moisturizer for a year so I can truly attest to how amazing this product is. This product works well for all skin types because it is oil-free.  Over the past year of using it, my skin has had minimal acne, a more even complexion, and a more radiant look. It also absorbs into the skin leaving a dewy and healthy glow. 


I have combination oily skin, so adding more oil to oil always seemed to be a silly idea to me. Last year, I decided to purchase this recovery oil that you apply at night just to see how my skin would react. It is safe to say that it is now part of my all year round skin care routine. This product is special because it works to restore and rejuvenate skin overnight. I also noticed that it helped to balance out my oiliness during the day. 


This is probably a product I would not have picked up on my own but because Mom bought a Costco size pack, I decided to give it a try anyway. At first, I thought it was too fragranced since I am used to using fragrance-free products, but once I saw how beautiful my skin would look the next day, I quickly got past that. A few benefits to this product is that it is super affordable, very rich, and absorbs nicely.  I will say that this is a thicker cream so I recommend reserving it only for night time use since it can seem a little bit more greasy to wear under makeup. 


This is my most recent skincare purchase and I really love it for days/nights when I really feel my skin can use extra hydrating. I currently wear it over the Ponds cream as an overnight mask. While it does do a great job of hydrating, I personally haven’t seen a major difference in my complexion. This could be due to me wearing multiple other products under it. If you are interested in me doing a review on this one let me know!


This is my #1 go-to mask. It has all the qualities that I am looking for in a hydrating product for the winter. The gel-like consistency is cooling and smooth as you apply it, locking in your serum and moisturizer that you would have previously applied. It works for all skin types and is not an irritant for eyes. I definitely wake up with glowy and soft skin. I find that its extremely affordable price is the icing to the cake! If there is one product I would recommend for winter, it is this one!

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