Twenty Things To Know About Me

As I was planning content for the blog, I realized that in my four years of blogging I had never shared facts about myself. It wasn’t that I did not want to, but more of I was not yet comfortable with sharing personal details about me. 

Now that I have blogging more or less under my belt, I now know that a huge part of it includes sharing more life experiences with my community. The nice part of having my own site is that I have the right to not share aspects of my life too! For 2019 one of my goals is to be more open and honest about how I feel. Best believe that I have horrible days, lazy days, sad days, really fun days, etc. just like you. When you visit The Girl From Connecticut site I really hope that you’ll have a more meaningful experience. 

Some facts about me (Jada, the creator of The Girl From Connecticut):

  1. I am really tall… 6’0″ to be exact.
  2. I have three brothers.
  3. When I was in high school I was MVP for varsity volleyball three years in a row.
  4. I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in Biology. This one always comes as a surprise because the first thing people usually think is fashion. I guess I like the keep everyone guessing 😉
  5. I have always loved cars. As you can see from the image above little me pretending to drive. Oh, I was obsessed with the idea of driving and when I turned 16 it was the most exciting day of my life. My dad let me drive for two hours straight from the DMV!
  6. My favorite car make is Aston Martin! My face lights up when I see one. Definitely, my goal to own one. I love both the classic and the new modern designs. 
  7. My guilty pleasure show is the Bachelor/ Bachelorette series. My current favorite show is This Is Us. 
  8. I am not as good at singing, dancing, or drawing as I wish. 
  9. I used to play the violin and piano… Unfortunately, once you don’t practice it’s hard to keep it up. 
  10. I did an exchange program in Spain. It was such an amazing time and I would love to visit Spain again. 
  11. I always wanted to become a pediatrician. 
  12. I am very patient… sometimes a little too patient. 
  13. I have a fear of flying.
  14. I have a fear of heights… pretty ironic for someone so tall. 
  15. My hair is naturally curly. 
  16. I am a first-generation American.
  17. My favorite animals are dolphins, penguins, and dogs. 
  18. I think Joanna and Chip Gaines are #couplegoals #familygoals #businessgoals
  19. I can eat Thai food every day. 
  20. I am relatively frugal and good at saving, but I do enjoy a splurge purchase.

Bonus facts:

  1. I was a vegetarian for two years. I loved it but realized I can’t live without chicken nuggets. 
  2. I do not like to run but I will if it required saving my life. 
  3. I am an easy scare. My roommate junior year got me good. Thanks, Jayline! I will never forget.
  4. Being an easy scare also means I refuse to watch any scary, gory, or even suspense shows or movies. I like to keep it funny and romantic. 
  5. I used to be a night owl and then as I got older something just switched. I am pretty much in bed by 10:30 every night. 
  6. I just learned how to knit! That means scarves for everyone next Christmas 🙂
  7. My favorite color is blue. 
  8. I love Sour Patch Kids. 
  9. Target is my weakness. I try to avoid it like the plague. 
  10. My blog used to be more about beauty before I started to incorporate fashion and lifestyle. 

I hope you enjoyed reading thirty fun facts about me! I would love to know more about you too so please feel free to leave your facts in the comments! 

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  1. Hi Jada! It’s dad, and there are many more facts about you to share. One major fact is that you have a very BIG HEART and I can go on about more but I’ll save them for another post. You are my one and only precious daughter and you have been a blessing and I am so proud of you and the woman you are.
    Lot of Love, Dad.

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