What to Wear this Labor Day

How is it September already? I truly feel like the summer had two modes, it started and now it ended. Labor day marks the end of the summer and reveals a new excitement for the fall. I have already started to stock up on sweaters, which to some of you may be premature, but to me is the best feeling.

Now that back to school is in session, Labor day ultimately is the last huuu-rahh of the summer. So that means you need something to wear… and I am here to help! Some of these items might even be right in your closet.

Wear White

Just because they say not to wear white after Labor day, doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it on Labor day. You can wear a white tee with shorts, jeans, or a skirt.. you name it. I personally think a white summer dress is always a good option. But, just to note, if you’re going to a BBQ, be extra careful with how you eat.

Love this midi dress, V-neck white tee, and these classic white sneakers.

Wear Linen

Linen is the perfect summer fabric. It is light, airy, and chic. Some are not a big fan because of wrinkles, but you just have to accept that part. It is supposed to be a beautiful and hot day here in CT so this might be the perfect option!

If you don’t want to wear linen, then maybe your significant other or kids could wear it!

I love this linen dress (only $12) and this one.

Wear Gingham

You can’t go wrong with gingham on any summer day. It literally screams summer, so why not wear it before it is retired until summer’19?

Love this beach dress, this maxi dress, and this top.

Wear Seercuker

I am not sure why, but I am obsessed with seersucker material. Not only is this material light, to me it is the epitome of summer. In the photos above I am wearing my favorite Who What Wear seersucker dress. Unfortunately it is no longer available, but below are some options that would be perfect for the occasion.

Love this ruffled top, this dress, and this jumpsuit.

I hope that you have an amazing three day weekend and Labor day!

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