My Five Winter Essentials

Happy New Year! It is crazy how fast 2017 has gone by, I truly hope that this year will be the year that all  your goals and dreams can be met! I haven’t made any resolutions for this year yet only because in the past I felt like I made goals that were aspiration oriented versus goal oriented so I felt like I wasn’t achieving much. I felt less organized and more discouraged, so this year I am working on creating more goal oriented resolutions that I know will be more satisfying by the end of the year. Did you make a list of resolutions for this year?

Once winter rolls around in CT, the days start in the single digits and end in the single digits. To say the least it is always freezing. Every winter I have a list of things that I need for the winter that make me feel more cozy when at home, to take care of my skin, or to wear out on a daily basis. My essentials every year seem to grow as I find new hot drinks that I crave or pieces of clothing that is on non stop repeat. So far this winter I have five essentials that I have been my go to!

The Basics

My first and for most important winter necessity is a good winter coat. It is also a no brainer that it is a essential when the temperatures do not go above 30˚ F from end of November to March. The winter coat that I have been wearing is by J. Crew (unfortunately it is sold out). I love the way it fits and makes my outfits seem stylish even in a puffer coat. Other basics that I need are a scarf, gloves (mostly for driving), and a hat.


Sherpa Robe

This is a new essential to the list. I received a sherpa robe for Christmas, and ever since I have been living in it… literally. I wear it around the house and some nights I have fallen asleep in it. I think this was one of the best gifts I have received! So cozy and perfect for these cold months.

Hot Chocolate/ Chai Latte’s

It is inevitable that when cold you want something hot to drink. I have been OBSESSED with drinking the Starbucks hot chocolate and chai lattes. I have for sure gone a bit more overboard this year by getting a Starbucks drink nearly everyday. It’s SOOO good I can’t resist. I don’t always spend the unnecessary dollars for these drinks so days that I don’t leave the house I have been making cappuccinos, chai lattes, and hot chocolate at home!

I do think one of my resolutions should be to make more drinks from home!

Hunter Boots

I LOVE my hunter boots! I basically wear them all year round, but since I do not have a pair of winter boots, these are my go to for the snowy days. I have a fleece sock lining that I wear with them to insulate and keep my feet warm. They are one of the best boot investments and if you don’t have a pair, I highly recommend them.  I am wearing them in the image above.



One of the most important thing to remember is to keep your skin hydrated during the winter. I am going to do a winter skincare post soon because having a skincare routine especially for the winter is crucial to keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Some moisturizing products that I have been using are by the brands Clinique and Kiehl’s (linked below). 

I am always looking for more moisturizers to try, do you have a favorite for the winter?



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  1. Love the winter coat you’re wearing here! COuldn’t agree more with these winter essentials though. I am heading to NYC tomorrow and I am not mentally prepared for the cold. Definitely going to need 5000 layers!

  2. I love starbucks hot chocolate also! I always get it with extra mocha drizzle yum! I also want to try a new eye moisturizer been thinking about the one from Kiehls!

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