What I Do When I Feel Stressed

Stress is something that seems to be inescapable lately. There is the good stress and the bad stress and I feel that I have fallen somewhere in between calm and manic. In order for me to better control my stress and anxiety, here are three things that I try to incorporate into my daily routine.


Take Time for Self

Often times I feel like I am running around like a chicken without a neck and forget that I need to take time to properly relax or do something that I enjoy. Although Netflix sounds like a good option, I often end up feeling lazy and not relaxed (there’s a difference!). One thing that I started doing this summer was listening to podcasts (see post here). What I love about listening is that I feel like I am a part of a conversation or that I am learning something new.

I have also picked back up reading! There used to be a time when I could not wait for my morning train rides to the city, or coming home from school when younger just to read the book that I was currently obsessed with. Once college rolled around, I no longer resorted to reading and the sense of accomplishment that I felt when I finished a book. Trust me there is no better way to relax than curled up in a blanket reading. I honestly read to the point where it puts me to sleep and that is the best.

Write a List to Prioritize

When in stressful situations that may be at work or at home, prioritizing tasks can help with organizing thoughts. Every morning as soon as I wake up, I write down everything that I have to do including little things like spread bed, make tea, fold clothes, so that when I get to bigger tasks such as writing a blog post, planning out content, or completing a homework assignment that I felt like I have already accomplished some tasks in my day. Once I start seeing those lines crossing out things that I have done I feel like I have a grip on my day.

Self- Motivation

This one is often hard for me, like someone once said “easier said, then done.” It is true, when I find myself in a really stressful situation I can easily become so overwhelmed with thinking what I have to do rather than just start. That is why I write lists, and then I begin to self-motivate myself and think about what the outcome will look like. I also often browse Pinterest and read motivational quotes. 

What are some tips that you have for when you are feeling stressed out?

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  1. I’ve definitely had a lot of stress lately. I do take a little time to myself to clear my head, have a hot shower or bath, and lots and lots of chamomile tea. Have a lovely weekend!

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