Five Podcasts that I Currently Love

One thing that I have been dedicated to this summer is taking time to unwind and figure out something that will bring more joy to my life. One way that I find peace and relaxation is by listening to podcasts. What I love about listening is that I a) feel like I am learning something new b) feel like I am part of a conversation c) feel more motivated. There are so many podcast that are available on iTunes and all you have to do is subscribe (w/o a fee for most). I may be subscribed to over ten different podcast but I have a top five.

Hello Bump by Matt & Angela Lanter

I am sure most of you know blogger Angela Lanter recently announced that she is expecting! I am so stoked for them, but most importantly I was super excited when they announced that they are going to document their journey with a podcast. I immediately listened and really enjoyed hearing about when they found out more. It is really exciting and I can’t wait to hear more about their journey to parenthood.

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The Simple Sophisticate

This podcast by Shannon Ables has me HOOKED!! I literally feel like I never stop listening to the advice that Shannon has to give not to mention her petite pleasures which she includes at the end of every podcast in which she shares something that can be enjoyable. I think Shannon is smart and her podcast is very well thought out. One of the goals of this podcast is to inspire listeners to live the best life that you can.

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The Laptop Lifestyle

I love this podcast because you get to hear from different influencers about their journey. I think it is helpful to put into perspective that some things that you might be feeling about social media is the same that others do. It is nice to get different perspectives from others that lead a “laptop lifestyle.”

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Being Boss

This podcast relates more to business and blogging. I like this podcast to gain new ideas and more advice since I do not come from a business background. The two host Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon speak about their experiences building their brand and I think it is really nice to get a true perspective of what it takes to build a brand. 

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The Goal Digger

Positive mindset, yes please. Host Jenna Kutcher provides expert ways to focus and getting work done. 

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Lets just say podcasts have taken over my playlist. I listen while I am driving, while in the shower, doing my makeup, and while even writing this post. I am obsessed! If you listen to any of these or others I would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of these – they look really promising! I’ve been loving the Dave Ramsey podcast for personal finance. Would love to listen to a podcast more about the business side of things.

    1. You should! I always knew about them but never listened until I heard of some that sounded interesting!

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