Tricks of the Trade

Sometimes you never know when inspiration will strike.

There have been times where I felt as if I was walking blindly through life feeling as if everything that is meant to be will fall into place. Now that I am in my early twenties, I have come to realize that was a foolish way to think about life. This year I will be heading into my senior year of university and the thought of what next has hit me hard. To be candid, there have been days that I have been so confused about my direction in life (I am pre-med to put that into perspective). I would cry, complain, and plain straight exhaust myself before I can even accomplish what I wanted. Lets be real. Life can be scary. The unknown is scary, yet we go with it. I am not type A by any means, but when it comes to having goals and planning for them, nothing short of perfection comes to mind.

I have been blogging for two years now and what I used to think as fun all of a sudden started to feel like a chore. I didn’t enjoy it or get a thrill out of hitting the PUBLISH button. I started to doubt my ability to keep up and produce content that I was proud of. I began to doubt my goals for my blog, and I think that hurt me the most. Granted when I started I had no idea what it could be!

I recently had this fortune cookie (b/c they are soooo reliable), that said “if you only learn the tricks of the trade, you will never know the trade.” I honestly was stunned, it was like a revelation. I never in one hundred years would have thought that my fortune would deliver a message so true and relevant to my life. I took this and used it as inspiration to work harder for what I want. Some paths might take longer to get to the end point, but the purpose is what you learned on the way there.

I really hope that you will be able to use my cookie fortune as inspiration too!

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  1. Great post!
    Don’t give up on your dreams we all get stuck but its amazing once the ball starts rolling again <3
    Love the romper btw!

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