The Bold Lip

For the longest time, I would not wear lipstick. I was strictly a lipgloss person until I realized that I needed to add more color to my looks.

The Red

Red lips are so sassy and fun. They make women look (and feel) sexy and confident. A red color is perfect to spruce up and everyday look and can also be worn for a night out. My perfect red shade is Sephora Collection Shade 01

Deep Purple 

The deep purple is a great way to add drama to your look. This color is usually perfect for the fall and winter, however, I think this is a great color for evening out in during the summer. My go to shade is Revlon Black Cherry

The Coral 

For a more playful lip, the coral color is always a great idea. Now that we are soon reaching summer, this shade is perfect for the warmer weather. My current favorite coral is Revlon Kiss Me Coral.

The Fuchsia 

A bright pink lip is perfect for a chic feminine look. As spring comes around, this color is definetly one that will be worn often. My favorite fuchsia is Revlon HD Obsession

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