Three Winter Looks

This video is about three winter looks that I put together. For these winter looks, I wanted them to be more casual but at the same time wearable during these colder months. I wanted to focus on a key part for dressing for the winter which is layering.

Look One

This look is one of my favorites for days that you may need to dress up more than just casual, but it is not exactly business casual. I kept this look neutral with the olive and tan tones and wore jeans instead of pants for a more relaxed look.

Look Two

For the second look, I wanted it to me more of an everyday look. I wore my favorite knit sweater with ripped jeans and Vans. This look I think is a cool girl outfit, but the pop of red adds the right amount of femininity.

Look Three

For the last look, I layered a plaid button down underneath a cropped black sweater. For an additional layer, I wore a black vest. Since this look with full of dark colors, I thought it would be interesting to contrast it with my taupe boots.

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  1. You look great in all but my fav is #1.
    I’m not a fan of ripped jeans & am tired of black!
    I am tall and sometimes have a hard time with fit – do you have any suggestions? I tried ASOS tall and it’s pretty good but limited in selection.

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