Why I Love Sheet Masks

For  a while, I didn’t put much effort into having a skincare routine. The most that I would do was moisturize and try to keep my face free of makeup at night. Recently, I have been obsessed with sheet mask and want to tell you why.

Easy Hydration

I have been completely obsessed with using sheet mask in the winter. During these colder months, it is pertinent to replenish your skin with products with will hydrate and create a dewy effect for brighter and younger looking skin. It is so easy for winter skin to make you look older and look even more tired. Of course be sure to follow up with your favorite moisturizer to lock the dewiness in place.

Easy To Travel With

When ever I travel, it is usually weekend trips or I am only bringing a carry on because it is easier. So space can become an issue when having bigger tubes of beauty products. Sheet mask are so easy to pop into your bag to have for whenever you are traveling so you don’t feel like you have to skip out on your skincare.

Spa Treatment for Less

As much as I love facials, finding the time to always get one is sometimes hard. I also found that it is more cost effective so purchase sheet mask especially during times of saving. I wouldn’t say to not go to a spa (that time can be much needed relaxation), but when you don’t have the time or the money, sheet masks can be effective.

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