Finally Got A Snow Day

The best part of this week… was finally having a snow day! During the winter I look forward to the snowy days where I can feel lazy all day long. Except the reality is that a snow day is for catching up or trying to get ahead of work.

This coming up week is Valentines Day!! Do you have any plans? My plans include catching up on the Bachelor if I can, and studying hard since I have three exams next week and one Valentines day (lucky me). At the bottom of this post I have included some inspiration for a perfect Valentines Day look. 

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Sweater: J. Crew Old, Similar HERE //Fragrance // Heels // Jeans // Bag: Sold Out, Similar HERE

Read post HERE

Read this post HERE

Boots // Camera: Sony a5000

Lastly, I was sent this podcast to listen to on steps to take to achieve your goals. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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