Winter Coats

Happy Friday! I am so happy that the weekend is here. This past week was not too stressful because school work is not to much to handle yet… Next week might be a different story. Tonight I will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with some of my friends so that should be fun and full of delicious Chinese food I think that I want to start a series where on Fridays, I recap the week whether it is insta pics, videos that I have seen, or other random inspiration. It is good to just take some time to unwind and relax so that’s kind of what I want my Friday post to be about.

For this post today I wanted to share with you some puffer coats that I think are more “stylish” for winter. Here in CT and any other cold place, it is hard to just skip wearing the puffer coat just for the sake of an outfit. UMMM hello, warmth= life for real… I don’t want the flu or hypothermia.

I have featured my puffer coat in a few pics on insta recently, and I have actually received compliments on it so that was part inspiration for this post.

The coat that I am wearing is by J. Crew and I am obsessed with it. I think it is a puffer coat that will not make your outfit feel less fashionable for the winter. What I love the most is the gold hardware versus having silver hardware. I think it makes this puffer coat seem more chic!

  1. J. Crew
  2. Eddie Bauer
  3. Tommy Hilfiger
  4. Micheal Kors
  5. Cole Haan

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