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It is the second year of The Girl From Connecticut! I am really excited to see what this new year brings not only for the blog but for life in general. I always reminisce about the day that I first started my blog, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I had no idea how much work it would take and certainly did not know how much I would come to love and appreciate having a platform of my own. Yet amongst the stress from college and work when I come home, I have not given up on my dream for my blog. I am now on chapter 2 out of my more and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

There are three important lessons that I have been trying to incorporate into my life and I want to share them with you in hopes that they might help you too.

Do Not Settle

I am not the type of person that can easily be satisfied with certain things, whether it may be grades, or even clothes for that matter. I have learned that it is important to not settle but to work hard and keep thriving for what you want in life. It is also important to know what you want. If you don’t know, then you might settle for something that might seem good in the moment. Have a vision and plan on how you can achieve it.


I was told when I was on an internship that I should master everything that I do. This idea has stuck in my brain ever since. I am not a perfectionist and I don’t obsess over minuscule details of life, but mastering the important things will allow confirmation of your strengths and will ultimately lead to success. This idea doesn’t necessarily have to only be valid for the workplace but also for maybe learning how to play tennis, or mastering a painting class. Everything that you do make sure to do the best you can and beyond.

Don’t Loose Sight of Your Dream

I have definitely fallen into the rut of not knowing what I want or how I am going to achieve something because of the feeling of not having enough time or the help needed to achieve what I want. I have to say that when you keep holding onto what you want, it will make you want to work even harder for what you want. I read this book recently and even though it is not categorized as motivational, I found it to be the most motivating and heart touching book I have ever read. It made me realize when things get tough or when one door closes there can always be another opportunity, another day to make your dreams come true.

Now that I have gotten all that out, I now wanted to share with you some of my favorite post from 2016.

The Girl From Connecticut

Grey Basics

Smoothie Talk

Floral Dress

Blazer Vest

The Girl From Connecticut

Fall Chic

Pop of Purple

I hope that you will continue to stay on this journey with me. Also thank you so much for reading and visiting The Girl From Connecticut, I am beyond grateful. I hope that this year I can achieve even more than last. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see more of on the blog or any suggestions for the YouTube channel!

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