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The Girl from ConnecticutA big part of fashion that is unseen is the ability to take care of clothes and accessories. When I find really great pieces that I love, it is hard for me not to be cautious about the way I handle and care for them. What I found worked for me, is to wash in cold water and  air dry clothes rather than putting them into the dryer. By doing this, I found that my pieces were not shrinking and they were lasting longer. 

For shoes, I like to take them to a shoe maker to replace the sole or to polish them to look brand new. It is amazing how long you can truly make a pair of shoes last.

Third Love  has amazing selection of bras and underwear and they came up with this wonderful guide on what you can do to take better care of your clothing. 

The Girl From Connecticut // Third Love - Taking Care of clothes


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*This post was in collaboration with Third Love.

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