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Hello my lovelies, today I am doing a different type of post compared to the usual outfit and beauty. This past weekend I went to Canada for 24 hours. Since I do not travel often, I decided I wanted to share with you some of the main items I brought with me.

Since we drove to Canada, like flying, the outfit must be comfortable. I decided to wear leggings, a tank because it was sooo hot, and sneakers. I also wore a choker because I did not want it get tangled.


With my passport in hand, I was ready to go. For entertainment I brought a book and my I-pad which I watched the newer Cinderella movie (I really liked it ), and Notting Hill with Julia Roberts (LOVE!). I am the type of person to fall a sleep in the car right away, so I was definitely resting for a majority of the trip.


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Whenever we travel, we try to minimize buying food on the road, for one: it may not be the healthiest option and two: it saves some money. So we brought a homemade chicken salad with croissants and avocado. Healthy and delicious. (BTW don’t forget a cooler for when traveling by car to have water, and store food).


A quick pit stop was made at the tourist destination of Lake George located in upstate New York. The day we travelled was hot but also really humid and it rained periodically so we did not stay long.


Seven hours later we have reached Canada!! You bet that I was happy and relieved that we were almost to our destination. By the time we reached the hotel, it was almost 8 p.m. That evening we went to a local Thai restaurant and watched the Olympics before turning the lights out.

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The reason my family and I were in Canada was for a wedding, so I did not pack many items since we were there for only one day. All I packed were the bare necessities like undergarments, pajamas, and an extra casual outfit if needed.

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For makeup, I brought an eye mask from Sephora in case by eyes looked really tired, the Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer for hydration because it is not as thick as a moisturizer, the Makeup Forever Mist and Fix, and the Anastasia Self-Made palette. I decided to do a bronzy smokey eye so that palette had the shades that I was looking for.

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For the wedding, I wore this black dress that used to be my mother’s. It has a beautiful sequin detail and is sheer around the abdomen area. For accessories I wore flats, my favorite fringed bag (similar here ), and the chain choker to make it more edgy.


Thanks for reading about my short trip to Canada! We got home about 5 a.m. this morning, happy to be home safe.

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  1. I love quick trips! I should definitely bring food with me next time hubby and I go on a road trip. We always end up eating something crappy because of lack of options on the road!


    Tamara –

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