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Since I have naturally curly hair, I depend on tools and products that will give me a professional looking finish. Blow drying my hair is the first step but certainly not the final one. In order for me to achieve the sleek and straight hair that I desire, using a flat iron is very necessary. This is why I would like to tell you about the Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron.




Half way through you can really see the difference that the flat iron made. The frizz and volume is minimized.


After I blow dry my hair, it is usually full of volume and the roots are not completely straight. Before I straighten my hair with more heat, I make sure to apply some oil to protect the ends. The Irresistible Me Diamond Flat Iron impressed me with how fast it heated and that the highest temperature is 450 degrees. This high temperature is great for course and thick hair, and the lower temperature for fine hair. The barrel is smooth allowing for hair to be curled too. This is a plus when traveling because this is the only tool that you will need to bring! The tool is also easy to hold and not cumbersome. These are all the attributes that I look for in a tool capable of helping me to achieve the desired look.

At the half way point, it is really clear to see that flat ironing really makes a difference and helps to achieve a professional result. Once completely finished, my hair looked great and it felt so silky. Good hair days always helps to boost confidence.

*In collaboration with Irresistible Me. 

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