Twenty Sixteen

New Years Resolution

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I traveled to Georgia and Florida for the holidays to spend time with my family.  While I was in Florida I went to Universal, the beach, go kart racing (I love racing! So fun), relaxed, and tanned a bit. It was seriously so hot that I felt so lazy…maybe a little moody, what can you say I’m a New England girl, I prefer the colder weather. 

As Twenty-Sixteen has rolled in fast there are changes that I would like to make in my life. Resolutions are getting harder and harder to keep, but there are so many goals and accomplishments that I would like to reach this year. 

I printed out these very helpful resolution/goal worksheets from the lifestyle blog Life With Me by Marianna Hewitt. I have been following this blog for a while and when I saw she came up with these worksheets, I really wanted to share them with you. These sheets will allow you to stay organized and can help you write out your goals for the year. She also has a video to demonstrate how she designed them to be used. 

I really like these worksheets and I think that you should give them a try. Plus they are free to print. This post was not in collaboration with Life With Me blog, I thought this was a great idea to share with you! I hope that they will help you for your resolutions/ goals for this year. 

Okay… Onto some of my goals for the year!

Eat salad… and vegetables/fruits in general

I am really bad when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, especially as a college student I don’t have anyone saying “Jada, you need to have some green on your plate.” My family and I were vegetarian for a while and I really enjoyed it. I love tofu and vegan carob cake. As someone who ate meat for a majority of their life, as a vegetarian I honestly did not miss eating meat! This year I want to go back to being a vegetarian, eating salad, vegetables, and fruits. If you are interested I can post some healthy and tasty recipes. 

Be more organized

I am never organized, but I am not a messy or dirty person. Being organized has proven to help people be more successful and relaxed. I hope to be able to keep this goal… this will probably be the hardest for me.

Be more assertive 

I have always been the person that does the background work and not like to speak up. I often noticed that I did not have confidence in myself. This year I want to be able to work on believing in myself and be more confident in who I am, especially in my height, and much more. I need to learn how to speak up and allow my opinion to be heard. 

I wish you all an amazing year. I am so happy to have this platform to be able to share with you! Thank you for sticking with me for the last year! I would love to know what some of your goals are for this year! 

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