One of my favorite accessories to wear are sunglasses. I love how when I put a pair on, I feel sophisticated. There is a certain mystery to a person when he or she are wearing sunglasses. Eyes are said to be the window to the soul. 

Sunglasses are great for days when I am not wearing makeup, for the beach, driving, nice strolls in the park, or to complete an outfit. Since spring is here and summer is not to far away, there have been many pairs of sunglasses that I have been eyeing. You can probably even say I am OBSESSED with sunglasses!  

A brand that I have been loving the most is Quay Australia (pronounced KEY)

1. Quay Australia ‘My Girl’ Sunglasses

        2. Quay x Shay ‘Vivienne Gold’ Sunglasses

       3. Quay x Shay ‘Vesper White’ Sunglasses


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